WB-98A Intelligent indicator

WB-98A Intelligent indicator

Technical Specification

1. Technical Specification:

Measuring error: ±0.2+1 bit

Working conditions : temperature 5-40 °C, relative humidity 85%

Storage conditions : temperature 0-45°C, relative humidity 85%

Power supply way: AC 220V±10%; Frequency: 50Hz±2Hz;

Power waste approximately 50W

Other conditions conform to Q/SCW 01-2001  <Intelligent indicator technical conditions>


2.  Indicator Function

Ultrahigh brightness LED digital tube display, digital height 127mm (5 inches), single or dual display.

Clock display: 12-hour clock format

Sound and light alarm: (optional bell, speaker, voice)

a.  The green light brighten indicates that the thermocouple is putting through, the indicator enters the preparation mode.

      b.  The yellow light brighten indicates the indicator is during measuring mode.

c.   The red light brighten indicates the measuring mode is end and simultaneously the bell ring.

◆ 4 ~ 20mA or 1 ~ 5V analog output interface ( single or dual output, specify when ordering)

◆ BCD code parallel interface, 485 Serial, TTY Serial and in-phase serial interface (specify when ordering)

◆ Printer interface (specify when ordering)